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For Producers at Creative Agencies:

How To Get An All-Star Creative Team Together In 2-3 Days Or Less And Not Have To Worry About Client Delivery Ever Again

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We believe in two things:

  • Authentic and honest communication with our team and our clients. 

  • Diversity and inclusion truly make for greater projects.

Who this is for

This is for you if you find it difficult to put together the right team of creatives for your client's projects.


Often you need to use several different channels to find specialised talent and you have to speak with lots of unqualified people to find a few gems.


Plus, even when you find the right people you have to find a way to manage them and they all seem to have different workflows.

What makes it worse is that your client is constantly chasing you for a quote and estimate of project timings.


So, if you’re looking for a better way - a faster, more reliable route to sourcing top quality creative teams at short notice and without the stress of doing it yourself - then you’ve come to the right place.

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Our Story

This is Auws. He has spent over a decade as a Creative Producer.

He would be asked to pitch for a great piece of work, and every time the process of finding a reliable group of creatives was a nightmare.


So he decided that he needed to solve this problem and set out to build his own roster. 


He connected with thousands of creatives and conducted hundreds of interviews. We then handpicked only the top tier talent. The people that are talented, reliable, on the ball, and a pleasure to work with.


It took years to get to this point but now we have a specilaised crew at your disposal that can join your projects at a moments notice. We’ve done the work, so you don’t have to.

We believe in two things:

  • Authentic and honest communication with our team and our clients. 

  • Diversity and inclusion truly make for greater projects.

How it works

  1. An agency reaches out to us with a project they need to deliver to their client

  2. We put together a project proposal and estimate within 72 hours.

  3. We handpick the right talent from our roster to join the project 

  4. We help you with anything you need to present to your client by providing you with any information you may need or by helping you pitch.

  5. We go through our smooth production process and make you look awesome in front of your client.

  6. We deliver the project on time and as you promised to your client, ensuring they come back for more.


Case Study (Creature)

When they came to us

  • Had been pitching a concept to their client ( for nearly 3 years and suddenly got the green light. Only problem: they didn’t have the full team in place yet! 

  • They were working to a tight budget and timeline and could not find crew members for highly-specialised roles in TVC and photography


  • Their client was very satisfied with the work and has since asked for over 10 iterations of the ad

  • They now have a reliable partner they can call on, and they are seen as a reliable partner for their client by extension 

  • This business is about speed and they can confidently have a strong team together in a short period of time

The Process

  • We present the team that we propose for the project including their work and create a quote in 1 or 2 days. Should they want more or different options in terms of creatives then we can simply go with who we think is the next most suitable person.

  • They were originally looking for separate crew roles, most importantly, an experienced producer and a niche director. We responded to them and in no time got them out of the pickle they are in by providing the pillars of the team with quick succession followed by the rest of the production team.

  • We did rigorous research through our connections and within two days we found the perfect director. Due to the specificity of the style, it would have been no easy task to find them at all, let alone as good of a fit as the one that we sourced.

  • Soon after we provided them with a detailed and transparent price estimate for them to take to the client for approval.

  • Once approved the director started working on a new mood board and storyboard which was well received by the client.

  • Then the set designer put together a document to present their concepts to the client based on the mood board and storyboard. After a few minor amendments, it was approved by the client.

  • We then scouted our models and presented the agency with a plethora of options. two of which was an elderly person and a child. These are both categories that have a lot of rules, regulations and precautions to take into consideration. They narrowed down their options and finally chose their talent.

  • The stylist put several outfits together for the agency creatives to choose from and finally presented them to the client to pick from.
    It was important that the stylist has authentic roots from Ghana due to one of the models having to be dressed in that style. On such short notice this was no easy ask but we brought the right person on board through our close network.

  • We then created a document putting everything together for final approval. The talent, outfits and set designs.

  • We had a two day shoot planned. We flew the director in from italy which meant she had to isolate for two weeks before the shoot. We also made sure everyone sent us a covid test a week in advance and then a day in advance. Despite that, we had a covid warden by the door to test everyone before they came in. The shoot had a crew of over 30 people who all worked like a well-oiled machine. The producer on the agency's side ended up getting a cold so we set up a livestream directly to the cameras so that she could attend virtually and make any comments she wanted to.

  • The client was challenging to work with due to them not understanding the limited time we had to shoot each scene however we managed that situation by explaining it to them and having them agree to pay overtime should we have to go overtime.

  • Post-production time. This is when the photo retoucher and video editor were creating rough edits to review. 

  • During it, there was a concern raised regarding the quality of the images as the compression looked odd to them whenever you zoomed in a lot. In order to reassure the agency that they look as they should, we printed them out and had a courier deliver it for them to see that there would be no issue at all.

  • Once we had a rough cut for the video we started sending over voice over artists for the agency and client to go through. Once one was picked we booked a recording studio. 

  • Due to covid restrictions at the time, there were only so many people allowed in the studio so we set up a livestream through zoom so that everyone could watch and listen in to give feedback.

  • Simultaneously we had also sent them some music options to consider over the rough cut. They selected their favourite.

  • Finally, the voice-over and song were mixed by our engineer and put over the video and then the video was colour graded. The images were touched up

  • A few final amendments were made and the video was made TV ready and the images were magazine and poster ready.

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Frequently asked questions


How long will it take you to budget

1-2 days


Do you have the right people on deck?

In the off chance we don’t, we are so well connected, we will scout them out in no time.


What kind of budgets do you work with?

We have worked with budgets from £5,000 to £200,000. We have methods of stretching budgets when need be



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