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Creating ultra energetic content is what we do best. Transforming your ideas into memorable experiences. We are hands on, we could work for you but prefer working with you. We work with brands, organisations and artists that are not afraid of being bold to expand their audience.



He writes.


He produces. 


He directs.

We Strengthen Brands

If you want to enhance your brand and strengthen your online presence, we create films that will inform about who you are and what you do as an individual or company with eye popping visuals that will stick in your client's mind.

Focussed From Beginning to End

If you want the average boring infomercial, we are not the company for you. We are a brand strengthening production company, wanting to put your passion for growth into our passion for producing ultra energetic content.

Passion For Growth

We hate to waste time and money, and we strive to give you over and above what you pay for. You are not only our client but also our collaborator, we want to hear your ideas and implement them into your films with our creative skill set.​


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