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Before everything gets too energetic, we should explain how we got this far before we tell you what lies ahead. We became collaborators from shooting short films and music videos whilst studying together at university. Upon graduating the three of us knew we wanted to start a company together.

Being inspired by commercials from Spike Jonze and music videos by Rob Malpage. We know we have found a niche that can be expanded, and want to utilise our expertise and create content we are truly passionate about. Sharing similar tastes in style and visuals, we love to see films that grab our attention instantly and connect with an audience on a deep emotional level. We feel the best way to get to the heart of this, is to be bold, original, take risks and create films that people have not yet experienced.

What we have planned to do over the coming months is having spoken with companies, businesses and artists. We have gained a greater understanding of their relationships with consumers and audiences. By harnessing that, we feel the content we have created will increase their sales and audience.

Following on from our companies motives, and given that this is our first post, we will keep things short and to the point.

Keep an eye out for our new content in the coming months.

-Hyper Film

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